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torsdag 26 maj 2011

Convicted - United working class CD V.2.0 (2001)

01. Aren't you the one?
02. She
03. Comming of age
04. What should i do?
05. United working class
06. The truth
07. Strip mall
08. I don't care
09. Tonight
10. Pick your heart
11. 45 days
12. C.M.
13. 10 long years
14. D.V.R.
15. Life in this hole
16. Every turn i fall
17. Broadway U.S.A.

Released by the band in 2001.

After being dissapointed with the result and sound of their mini-cd with the same name in 2000 they put this one out. 17 hard tracks of melodic street-Oi! or whatever this crossover sound should be called.
Fun thing with these tracks is that it doesnt feature a single track that was on their original demo from 1997. I loved that album and i would have enjoyed to see how they delivered those songs with 4 extra years of musical experience and a bit better recording equipment.

First thing that struck me when i listened to this record was the drums.... damn thats some great drums!
The opening track called Aren't you the one? is probably the best one tightly followed by 45 days and the "handclaporgasmic" song Pick up your heart. Listening to this and then listening to their first demo it's hard to hear the resemblences but both albums have their strengths and not so many weaknesses so be sure to download both of these superb albums.
Thanks yet again to Hank Saints for sending me these albums.

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