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onsdag 16 mars 2011

Convicted - No more asking DEMO (1997)

01. No more asking
02. Midnight shadows
03. Never forget
04. Calloused
05. Death of my soul
06. Turn your back
07. Call to arms
08. All present
09. Pushed
10. Symbols
11. Paradise12. Disillusioned
13. Glass eyes
14. Toe to toe
15. Anthem
16. Martyr
17. Why?
18. Jesus

Released by the band sometime in the late 90's.

(Update: One of the members friends got in contact with the site and added some new information that can be found in the comments section. Will try to learn more about the band.)

Travis Condor who used to run the label American Defence Records sent me this record. He just like me knows nothing of the band and its a mystery how a band that sounds this good can be completly forgotten by the Oi! scene. All he knew when sending it to me is he got it a while back and that it was a band that was based in Florida.
Haha yep. Thats all we know. How's that for a band introduction.

At first listen i thought it was Brian Dana from The unruly on vocals, actually the whole sound reminds me a lot about that exact same band with a pinch of early The bruisers and Soldier 76 thrown into the pot.

If i had any hair i would have been pulling it by now cause both the band and the record is nothing more than a mystery to me and hearing the perfect paramilitairy drums on songs like Call to arms and the singers painful growling on tracks like Never forget or the catchy bass on songs like Paradise i dont only want to know more about the band i fucking must. Sure they borrow a lot (a loooot) from other bands and it's clear to hear but they do it good and in the end every song has it's own feel to it so it never sounds copied.

As you all understand i really really want some info on the band.
Try and google the band and ask your friends with a longer history in the scene about them and you will soon start to wonder if they really actually existed or if this is just a big joke made up by that dirty Swede Bernando.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Okay, this is really strange. There was an active band in Tallahassee, Florida called Convicted that used that used that eagle and shield logo on their first ep, in 1999. They started up in 1996 and ran through about 2005. (A few members went on to form Lucky Scars, another oi band, that put out a few very decent albums.) They never signed to a label, but they toured some and even played up at CBGBs with Cock Sparrer once. But here's the deal: that is not this band. I'll forward this entry to one of the band members and see if they know anything about this other group.


  2. Okay, I talked to Brandon, the lead singer. This is the band Convicted from Tallahassee, Florida, not California. This was the first thing they recorded, back in 97, in their practice space. They basically wound up considering it pretty bad and never did much with it. Their later work - you can find it at that link I posted in my last comment - was excellent. He thought it was funny that somebody still had a copy. Anyway, my email is drunkonpabst at gmail dot com, if you want to ask anything else. They're friends of mine.

  3. Damn that was quick.
    Haha the only info i had on the band was their origin and even that was wrong.
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and i will send you an email later.
    Cant wait to hea their records if they thought that this demo was bad.

  4. Yeah, man. Glad I could fill in some of the gaps. Check out Lucky Scars, too - same singer and guitar player. http://www.myspace.com/luckyscars

  5. Never heard of 'em before. Good music and i second you're statement about unruly

  6. we needs a re-up Bernando!