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fredag 25 mars 2011

The pinkerton thugs - The pain and the pinkerton thugs (1997)

01. One day
02. We build our own prisons
03. Russia
04. The deal
05. The social monster
06. Cruelty free
07. For the warriors
08. The struggle continues
09. Battlecry
10. Ballad of the slaughterhouse
11. Propaganda by the deed
12. The coldest war
13. In the town where i was born

Released by V.M.L. Records in 1997.

Great cover but not so great musical content. To much political propaganda backed up by not so great songs and all it leaves you with is empty speeches about the same old tired fight against big brother and other topics that bands like this likes to protest against.
I often like bands that change lead vocalists on the various songs since the records feel a bit more diverse but not even that can save this album.
Sure some songs like Battlecry (a great rebelious anthem against authority) and Propaganda by the deed sticks out but the list of awefull songs is longer. The deal is one of the cheesiest and awkward songs i have heard in a long time and adding knowitall songs like The social monster and the song In the town where i was born and the bad sides of the album quickly overshines the good.
I love the End of an era album but this is nothing for me.

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