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lördag 19 mars 2011

Brute force - Demo's and bandintroduction

Out of the ashes DEMO 1993
01. We don't burn
02. Unsung heroes
03. Out of the ashes
04. The warriors
05. Join the boys

94 DEMO 199401. -Untitled song-
02. Above the law
03. Highway to hell (AC/DC cover)

A classic band with members from all over New York. They started around 1990's as an Oi! band but like many other bands of their kind they ended up more of an RAC band in the end putting more weight in "fighting the neverending Zionist beast" than making good music.
The band consisted of Ben on vocals, Chris on guitar, Lewis on rhythm guitar, Dave on bass (he also did the zine called Look to the future) and Tony on drums (take note that this is the 1994 lineup and there was a bit different lineup on their first demo. Sorry to say i have no idea who jumped in and who jumped off prior to this lineup.).
They released their first demo called Out of the ashes in 1993 that got a good reception and the label Oi! Core Records was showing intrested in releasing their first EP. They also played live with many of the top names in the scene such as Anti-heros, Forced reality, Y.D.L. and Immoral discipline.

In 94-95 something happened though and some of the original members dropped out and with the new members a new political agenda also came. They released their second demo around this time and long gone was their Oi! sound and they seemed to have adopted the bad side of Brutal attack with cheesy ballads and even doing an AC/DC cover. The biggest change though was in their lyrical content that instead of skinhead brotherhood now spooke of racial unity and that everlasting struggle against Zion etc etc and whatnot.
They got a deal with the WP label Sunwheel Records that released their first and only release called Yesterday, today and forever.

Out of the ashes sounds really good for being a demo and even if its just two of the songs that really sticks its a great showcase of a good Oi! band that could have (if history played out differently) taken it's place among the same Oi! gigantes they played their first shows with.
Best song is Out of the ashes that has both great rhythm and a really nice chorus. Unsung heroes is also good but Ben's singing on this song can get quite annoying if you forget the charm that a 17 year old demo brings with it.

Their second demo is something totally different. Think if Ian Stuart would have done the lyrics for Bon Scott and gotten ZZ Top to play the instruments (actually doesnt sound that bad now when i think about it). Anyway. First song is a joke where they try to sound like post-77 era Skrewdriver in a ballad about their motherland Germany (do i have to go on).
Above the law that would make it to their 7'' is actually a good song and reminds me a lot about 90's Brutal attack and it also gladly lacks the previous songs croccodile tears for the poor white race (the slaves didnt work unless we told them to, it was tough times i tell you).
Finally they finish the demo off with a cover of Highway to hell and if you have ever been at one of those pubs that sell a pint for under a dollar (you know it's not more than 1,5% alcohol in that watered out sorry excuse for a beer but it's just so cheap) then you have probably heard a better AC/DC song by your local cover band.
As usually when i review old demos i dont grade them since their timeline and history has a grade of its own.

7 kommentarer:

  1. THANX for posting this one (I think otherwise I would have never had the pleasure to listen to it), it's some really damn great stuff (especially the first demo), sounds like a mix out of OXBLOOD and some good old early british R.A.C., I love especially "WE DON'T BURN"!!! (That's the stuff I need in the gymn pumping iron, haha, so you know what's on top of my MP3-Player-Playlist next week, haha;-)!!!) Cheers & Oi!

  2. Never heard this. Thanks, B.

  3. You forgot to mention that the singer Ben was a child actor. He starred with Al Pacino in Author!author! He played the little Puerto Rican kid. Also, the band didn't get a deal and released this 7". It was released by the former drummer of Bound For Glory years after they broke up. The band members don't even have this 7" and had nothing to do with the album cover. I know this from people that were friends with the band members. Some of the members may be dead according to one friend of the band. Yes you are ignorant about history.

  4. Anonymous:
    Oh how cute.... the idiot can read.
    Obviously you can because someone who actually was a friend of the band stated all those things you wrote on the comment section of their EP a couple of months ago. But still you felt that it was necessary to write it all down again. And add the factt hat the singer was a childactor (am i supposed to know that living in Sweden?).

    Last of all no i am not ignorant about history. Just because Marx and Lenin where Jews does not state the fact that race and communism has anything to do with each other.

  5. reupload please.