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lördag 26 mars 2011

The pikerton thugs - The times 7'' (1999)

01. The times
02. Don't thread on me
03. I remember

Released by Go-Kart Records in 1999.

This is basicly where i started liking the band. The sound has changed tremendously and is now more melodic than before. Strange since there is no new lineup for this release whatsoever (Paul plays guitar, drums, some of the bass AND did the cover art haha) but might just be the band maturing.
All these songs would be released on their later album and this one basicly worked as a preview during that long time that labels often take to finish releasing an album.

Great punkrock without the political overtones of their previous albums.
This EP is still available through Tower records for about 9$.

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  1. The biggest reason for the change in sound was that lead guitarist, Micah, was learning how to actually play his guitar and he was heavily influenced by the local Boston Rockabilly scene that was thriving big time in the mid to late 90s. His later joining the excellent The Racketeers would be proof in how the music was influencing him. Also, if you listen to the track "Where the Money Goes" on their second LP "End of Era" you can solidly hear the Rockabilly influence in his guitar solos that are drenched in echo. He even switched over to playing a hollow body guitar during this time period.