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tisdag 29 mars 2011

Know your enemy E000.

I have decided to add a little feature to the site that will go under the name of "Know your enemy" and unlike what many people think it has nothing to do with Lars Fredricksen. It will feature some bits and pieces from the Swedish culture, music-scene and other things that is completly unrelevant to a site about American punk. I will only tag the posts as ¤Know your enemy¤ so it will not mess up the nearly perfect structure i have created in the tagcorner to the right.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hope to see some recipes on swedish meatball's and a little history about the swedish kings ;)

  2. My friend who recently moved back to Sweden sent me this link:


  3. Hehe yeah. Veronica Maggio will be featured in Episode 5 of Know your enemy hehe. I hate that song since i have a friend who's 2 year old kid gets stuck on the chorus of that song and only sing "jag kommer, jag kommer, jag kommer" for hours.