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måndag 28 mars 2011

The pinkerton thugs - End of an era (2000)

01. The times
02. Factory life
03. Never say die
04. Youth
05. Another story
06. I remember
07. Where the money goes
08. No heroes no justice
09. Brighter day
10. Together
11. Don't thread on me
12. Never again
13. End of an era

Released by Go-Kart Records in 2000.

A damn great album that i think many diehards have missed. After a really bad first album and their extreme leftwinged politics many (atleast the majority off you that read my blogg) might have slagged this group of without giving them a second chance. I know i did. I listened to their first album hated how they sounded and what they stood for and then just ignored their name whenever it poped up in fanzine's etc (i did that mistake with bands such as Blanks 77 to). A friend of mine thats not really into punk at all got me this record as a gift from a second hand shop thinking he really scored the perfect gift. I smiled politely and put it away and didnt even give it a listen until a month after. I was surprised and at first thought my taste had developed over the years but listening to their first record again i realized it was actually the band that had matured. Like someone mentioned in the comments on the last upload it is mostly thanks to Mikah actually learning how to play that guitar he played with on the first records. He has also gotten more time on the vocals on this album and i prefer his rougher and raw vocals over Paul's voice. All songs from their The times 7'' are here and great as they might be its actually three songs by Mikah that are the best. First one being the rock'n'roll track Where the money goes (with handclaps and all) and like someone mentioned its easy to hear the bands influence by rockabilly on this track. The other tracks are Never again and Never say die that both have great lyrics about unity and brotherhood and my guess is they both go in the theme of union songs. The band has now reformed and are playing shows again and if they release anything new i damn sure it sounds like this album.
The record is sold out from most places but is still availible from Amazon.com.

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