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måndag 14 mars 2011

Warzone - Fight for justice (1997)

01. Locked out
02. I won't follow
03. Kicked in the head
04. Nothing to lose
05. Brother and sisterhood
06. Going psycho
07. Rebels till we die
08. Murder in the first degree
09. Contempt
10. Fear of regret
11. Ground zero
12. Marked for life
13. Out of touch
14. Hopeless nation
15. Grand theft
16. Nation on fire (Blitz cover)

Released by Victory Records in 1997.

The last record by the band before Raybeez died and i am glad that it is the last release by the band period. Many bands that have cult status often loose a member and try to restart the band years later with one original member and often sound like shit but since Ray was Warzone i guess it was impossible to do even if they wanted to.

This record is actually my favorite Warzone record and i guess thats because its probably the one that sounds most punk of them all.
Some really good songs here starting with I won't follow that has some really good lyrics and Kicked in the head that delivers some pure aggro HC the way it should be. The track that stands out the most is their Oi! flirtatious song Rebels till we die that shows how great it could have sounded if we could have gotten a Raybeez Oi! sideproject.
Another good song on the record is actually not on the backcover so i guess we can call it a "hidden track". It's a slow cover of the old Blitz song Nation on fire. Even if it's not as good as The bruisers cover of the same song it's still a solid song.
The record is still available at:
Victory records

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Bernando, THANKS for putting together this great WARZONE history/discography-tribute, damn great work, point and fact!!! I hope your ears aren't bleeding anymore;-). And yes, this is really a great record and it's maybe really the best release of WARZONE and still it's damn sad that Raybeez passed away far too early, R.I.P.!!! The cover version of the BLITZ classick is phenomenal!!! Thanks for this posting series!!! Cheers & Oi!

  2. Yep, this one's my favorite, too. Definitely the most consistent all the way through. And I agree, good job on covering Warzone...I'll bet you are very anxious to start that Templars discog! Ha ha. ;)

  3. Actually i was about to do that last month but then i found out i was missing 2 splits. In the works of getting them and then i will do it.... sometime next year

  4. Did you order the actual records?

  5. Forget about the TEMPLARS, the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE should better be coming first on your list;-)!!!
    (But we also don't need to discuss how great the TEMPLARS are and had always been- and hopefully will stay for a long, long time more.)
    But much respect to you for doing the discography one sooner or later day of the TEMPLARS... thinking about all the work infront of a computer screen already gives me bleeding eyes, haha;-).
    PS: Anyone an idea from where the hell I could get proper informations about LIBRTY 37?!? (More than just the usual stuff about THE ROGUES and that Occult NS Metal rock stuff of REBEL HELL.) Thanks to anyone who haves some informations to share with me.