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torsdag 10 mars 2011

Warzone - Lower east side (1996)

01. War between races
02. Take a stand
03. Under 18
04. Will you ever come back
05. The real enemy (Business cover)
06. Wound up
07. Always - A friend for life
08. We're the crew

This is a re-recording and re-release of their Lower east side crew 7'' from 1987. It was released by Victory Records in 1996.

Not being a big fan of the first release this is a big a big step up and the additional tracks they added makes it even better.
Their track War between races was a track that was easily overlooked on the original release but in this re-recorded state it's easily one of their best songs. They declare their love for/influence by Oi! on this record by doing a cover of the old classic by Business. As tired i am of hearing the constant cover of this song and others like Chaos, Violence in the streets and Skinhead girl i was happy to listen to it after re-listening through their hardcore records the last weak. It has a typical slow Oi! rhythm just like the original and sorry about saying this (all 69 trads out there will be flamming now) but i would actually choose Ray's vocals over Fitz's anyday (never been a big fan of that band anyway).
They end the album with their crewsong called simply We're the crew. A great HC track where the band shows love for their homebase.
The CD is available for purchace at these spots:
Victory records
The limit records

2 kommentarer:

  1. Totally agree ray>fitz

  2. Yeahr, this was released back then when "VICTORY RECORDS" used to release real Hardcore music and no Christian Emo Screamo "Core" Metal Pop faggot crap!!! And yes, far better then the original release of this material and I have also agree to it, Ray beats Fitz truly (and here speaks a THE BUSINESS fan, haha;-)...)!!!