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tisdag 22 mars 2011

The pinkerton thugs (Introduction)

A punkband from Maine that was started back in 1994 by friends Paul Rosso on guitar and vocals (he also played drums on most of their recordings), Micah Smaldone on lead guitar and backup vocals and James Whitten on bass. They went under several names before sticking with the name Pinkerton thugs in 1996. This was the bandtrio until in 1998 when Tommy Gatton joined the band on drums after helping them out live on occations.
Even if the band was extremly political and they where behind the collective called Anarchist Liberty Union that distributed extremist propaganda at shows and political protests it never really destroyed their music if you ask me.

The band wasnt that longlived and ended in 2001 after releasing 2 records and 3 Ep's (the band did some re-union shows in 2007 and 2008 but nothing more became of it as far as i know) but this was far from the end for most of the members carrer in music since most of them went on to play in other (and often bigger) bands.

Paul Rosso was a member of the band The unseen during most of Pinkertons carrer but he also went on to play in The vigilantes (great band) and also had his own solo project called Paul & The strings in 2003 after leaving The unseen.

Mikah Smaldone was the first one to leave the band directly after their last record in 200. He had numerous bands after this like the rockabilly band The Racketeers, hardcore band Cops & Robbers (with Tommy Gatton) and also released a couple of folk/blues albums by himself.

Tommy Gatton went on to form the hardcore band Cops & Robbers with Mikah but also went on to play with such bands as Righteous Jams, Cut the shit, Ironsides and The Prowl.

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