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tisdag 8 mars 2011

Warzone - Old school to new school (1994)

01. Can i get a witness
02. Wasted life
03. Drug X Free X Youth
04. Parasite
05. In search of...
06. Break down the walls
07. Crazy but not insane
08. Face up to it
09. Judgement day
10. In the mirror
11. As one

Released by Victory Records in 1994.

Their fourth real full-length and in my oppinion they are ten times better then on their last album but still not as good as they where in their last years. A bit of an inbetween album in my oppinion.

This record had a big lineup change from the last one with one of the freaks from the CKY/Jackass circus playing guitar and even writing some of the songs on the album (Tim Glomb). First part of the album isnt really that good but the album picks up at the song Crazy but not insane. Even if the album is far from the "comeback album" people expected after their 1990's mistake it's nice to hear the band actually playing hardcore again.
Still we all know they can do better than this.
This album is not really that hard to get so just google it if you want to buy it.

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  1. I agree 100%, you're totally right at this one here... even maybe no one asked for me to agree, haha;-)!!! Oi!