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fredag 4 mars 2011

Warzone - Open your eyes (1989)

01. Open your eyes
02. Dance hard or die
03. Face up to it
04. Always - a friend of mine
05. Racism: World history part I
06. Back to the school again
07. The American movement
08. Fight the oppressor
09. Decieve us no more
10. Striving higher for a better life

Released on LP and cassette by Caroline Records in 1989.

Have been busy for the last days with work and whatnot and also found a new addiction in a site called Tradera (sort of like Ebay but for us Swede's) where i have cleaned out my cellar of old videogames, comics and other bullshit that i didnt know i could get a lot of money for. Found myself posting auction's that would last a week but went in and checked it every 15 minutes anyway. But now i will focus my freetime to this site again.

This was their second record and it is very simulair to their first one both in sound and lyrical content. A lot of the songs are from their early days but now re-recorded for a much better soundquality.
99% of you who read my blogg already has the record so i wont waste my time on writing to much about it.
All in all a good and classic record with some intresting lyrics and picking favorites i have to choose the song Dance hard or die.

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