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tisdag 8 mars 2011

Warzone & Right direction - Live in Europe 7'' (1995)

01. Warzone - Judgement day
02. Warzone - War between races
03. Warzone - Reggae moonstomp
04. Right direction - A bull's revenge
05. Right direction - Chuck
06. Right direction - Stupid reasons

Released by Your! Records in 1995.

Another live record but this time it is a split with the Dutch band called Right Direction. Also this one is less focused on music and more focused on politics with Raybeez actually speaking more inbetween the songs then he actually sings.
He claims to be against all that "PC bullshit" but at the same time he goes on and on about being straight edge, anti-sexist, anti-racist and basicly the only thing missing from this PC-FEST 1995 is talking about animal cruelty..... oh wait the song A bull's revenge is a song by a Dutch band attacking one of the most cultural events in Spain known as bullfighting aha ok that makes sense.

All politics aside they deliver some music to. Warzone's song War between races is a fantastic song that has been in their portfolio since the early days and also one of their best song. Their song Reggea moonstomp on the other hand has the band doing a intrumental ska song that is far from musically impressive and it has Raybeez toasting Jamaica-style (yes i know i feel as awkward as you probably do about that) against violence and rasicm.
Right direction has a quite skilled singer but dont really stand out among the samesounding millions of HC bands that exist. Oh did i mention that they have a song against Spanish bullfighting (what the fuck is that all about)?

20 kommentarer:

  1. Whats the problem with a song against Spanish bullfighting?

  2. Its wrong on so many levels that i cant even explain.

  3. Please explain, because i can't understand!

  4. Because Bernando is the kind of PC retard who thinks you cant criticise someone else's culture

  5. Haha no im the sort of PC retard that realized long ago that if i had to take part in every politicall discusion every nutjob visiting my blogg starts up i would have to quit my dayjob.

  6. Sweden has amazing welfare. Quit your job NOW and start internet warrior-ing damn it, all the cool skinheads are doing it

  7. Hm, is it really that important what's and who's PC and what and who is not?!? What's oh so wrong about pointing out that you stand opposed to pure stupidity like Racism, etc. pp.?!? Nothing that comes to my mind!!! What's so wrong about feeling different about it and write that down in a review of a record, etc. pp.?!? Also nothing that comes to my mind!!! Maybe all should get a real life, then all would be too busy to 'discuss' this whole oh so 'serious' PC/Not-PC stuff on the web and would take care of the really important things, like in this case for example the music and the battle-scarred hard earned reputation and authentic gladiatorial attitude of a band like WARZONE. Damn it, this is a music review, not a debate on politics, and maybe some guys out there reading reviews like this should get used to different opinions then there own anyhow. Btw, some guys still defame WARZONE, call them racists, fascists, sexists, 'homophobic' (is that spelled correct, haha;-)...), man, just take a look at the shirt Raybeez wears on the cover shot, that should say it all about the 'homophobia' of WARZONE, haha;-)!!! Hey Bernando, can't wait to see you do a post of their split with CAUSE FOR ALARM!!! Keep it going!!! Cheers & Oi!, and keep taking care of business!!!
    Ah; PS: Spanish bullfighting sucks, like the most of all other 'cultural specialities' out there do it and pretty much always did (like fo example the traditional islamic circumcision of girls and women), but that's also another story and I still like to spend my vacation time this year in Spain anyhow, even I won't support this 'cultural speciality' and rather spend my time on the beach and go surfing, haha;-)!!!

  8. well you know American retards are frequeting this blog now... The comments are becoming like WSN. Everything from lame internet threats to people who bitch about WP.
    HFFH :)

  9. What are you talking about Andy?
    I often go to muslim countries and watch a good ol' stooning or circumcision of some slutty female hehe.
    Thats just the point i was trying to make. A song about a longlived spanish celebration of heroism and culture where a bull gets killed but at the same time ignoring subhuman ways of other so called cultures.

  10. Female circumcision isnt anything to do with islam. Its an african tribal thing. Islamic scholars frown on it. Just sayin

  11. Muslims and africans suck... just sayin....

  12. Yo mama sucks.... my cock.... just sayin...

  13. Anonymous:
    No it is actually a "muslim thing".
    Actually one of the many problems females face in extreme muslim nations. Not all follow it but in some muslim nations it is mandatory.


  14. http://www.jannah.org/genderequity/equityappendix.html

  15. It's not a "muslim thing" because its not required by islam, does not originate from islam and is not only practiced by muslims. And theres no correlation between "extreme muslim nations" and fc. Its unheard of in Iran but very common in Egypt

  16. Well seems like a lot of people here in Sweden has the same missconception as i do INCLUDING muslims. Police warrented a man some years ago that illegally had performed these operations on young girls (forced by their parents) and these folks did not belong to an "African tribe" whatever that is.

  17. I didnt mean any specific tribe, simply certain tribes in africa. Alot of african are muslims and alot are arabs. Im not saying that there arent any muslims who do female genital mutilation (cos its not circumcision really, its mutilation) just that its not a thing specific to muslims. Like male circumcision isnt a "jewish thing"

  18. Oh, some days too late;-), but anyhow, hm, after all it's correct that circumcision/mutilation of girls and women isn't really a primarly islamic thing but islamic societies and religious leaders easily and cheerful embraced it and made it to a specific part of Islam and the outcome of that all we can still see and get aware of it today.
    Ah, btw, personally I prefer some funny stooning, because it's always good when "she" sees it cumin';-)... (I guess that wasn't really PC at all right now, right;-)?!?)

  19. I realize this is totally off the subject, but thanks for the album, Bernando.