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lördag 5 mars 2011

Warzone - Selftitled (1990)

01. No regrets
02. Judgement day II (you're time will come)
03. Young and unaware
04. No- i don't want to
05. Wound up
06. Mission
07. Hold on
08. Out of control
09. On the run
10. Jay takes a break
11. Under 18

Released by Caroline Records in 1989 or 1990 (i have no idea).

I know Warzone is a drugfree band but someone had been smoking a lot of crack when they came up with this album. It hurts me everytime i listen to it. Think the most cheesiest softmetal band and add one of the best live HC vocalists to try some sort of rap over the the music. Not as great as it might sound.
I often love when bands go outside the frames and try to reinvent themselfs (i am one of those people that loved Blitz's new wave era) but this new style they tried to adopt isnt good anywhere.
I like some metalbands like Witchfinder general (ever since i first saw that cover with the naked women when i was a kid), Bedemon and even some Black Sabbath but the style that Warzone adopted is the bad side of metal and believe me they made it even worse.
I know a lot of people actually liked this album and if you do i am sorry but you are either retarded or a sado masochistic cunt.

Lets atleast try some sort of a review on the album.
Lets start with the drums or should i say the lack of them. They dont even sound real but more of a drummachine and even if the guitarplay is really advanced on this record (not in a good way) the drums are as simple as they can get.
Some songs are ok at some points like the song On the run that is a really good song until some sort of a church choir comes in after 2 minutes and destroys the whole song over yet another flaming guitarsolo.
Bottom line this is bullshit music for bullshit people and head my warning and stear clear of this album.

10 kommentarer:

  1. I remember buying this when it came out and thinking WTF?! That drum sound is still burned into my brain. I thought it came out in '90, but I could be wrong...I can't find my cassette at the moment to check (yes, I still have the cassette).

    All the handclaps and piano in the world couldn't save this one. ;)

  2. I think the main problem on this album is the horrible production: plastic drum sound, thin guitar and bass mixed in the background etc.
    Apart from the wanky guitar soli it's still the good War zone song writing (as you can hear on the demo). So I guess, the producers and the record label ruined this album on their hunt for metal/mainstream success.

  3. The thing i hate most about it is the way they put Ray to shame. His vocals dont fitt in at all and it's actually painfull to hear it.

  4. Ray was far from sober when he recorded this album, he didnt become straight edge until his later years. wasnt smokin crack though, lots and lots of dust!

  5. I remember picking this 12" up when it came out and my mouth just dropped. Listened to it twice and never again.

    Only recently did I come across the demos for this online, and the songs are great. Really seems to me like what was said above—whoever recorded/produced this thing just destroyed it.

    Track down the demos and compare the versions of "Young And Unaware," for example.

  6. I have already uploaded the demo here http://usofoiofsweden.blogspot.com/2011/03/warzone-demo-1990.html and yes it is way better than this LP but not really a favourite.

  7. I dont know ANYONE who liked this album.

  8. Man, all these negative comments are really doing this album a great injustice! This is a CLASSIC album! You gotta remember, all of the NYHC bands were messin' with thier sound at the time--the entire scene had changed dramatically by the early 1990s. You people must have also hated Agnostic Front's another voice and Cro-Mag's Alpha-Omega!

    1. It is most certainly NOT a "classic" album haha—it's almost universally hated, because it is just terrible. Yes, many NYHC bands were messing with their sounds, to varying degrees of success. This was not a success, either at the time, or in retrospect. It's just plain bad, which is why the band did not pursue this sound.

      I love AF's One Voice, but the only Cro-Mags record I like is AOQ. That being said, I have many friends who love the subsequent Cro-Mags albums, and not a single one of them likes this.

      I mean, to each his own—if you like it that's fine, I'm not gonna say you shouldn't—but you're literally the only person I've heard defend this record in the close to 25 years since it was released haha