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fredag 4 mars 2011

Raybeez is guest at The morning show.

In the 80's it was a big media drama about the skinhead scene with Oprah, Regis and Geraldo all taking up the subject. They care about numbers and since it had been a whole lot of killings and beating by nazi skins some skinheads thought it was a great idea to get on tv and defend the culture. All it ended in was making sharps, trads and non-political skins lock like middleclass rebelious kids and Geraldos nose being broken.

This show was one of the few that didnt really make it into a circus and they had Raybeez and Todd of Warzone talking and actually let them make their point without interupting them every second. Raybeez comes of as the down to earth and peacefull guy i trully believe he was but the one running the show is Natalie (the blond) that at the time was dating Gestapo of Murphys law.

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