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måndag 21 mars 2011

Brute force - Yesterday, today and forever 7'' (1995)

01. Yesterday, today and forever
02. Nothin but trouble
03. Above the law

Released by Sunwheel Records in 1995.

Ok. Can someone please explain to me how Zionism and communism blend into each others? Yes the cover is one of the most graphic (and stupid) one's in my collection. The proud white warrior has slain the communsit jew dragon (WTF!?!). Did i miss out on that much when i dropped out of high school? Maybe it's ME being ignorant but i cant really see the connection between the two and to be honest all i can remember when hangin out with syndicalists and communists in my younger days is that their blind hate for "the greedy jew" was the only thing that connected their beliefs to facist beliefs of those that this redneck band had. Probably this band has just played to much Final Fantasy and made up their own little world after that.

Anyway on to the review. First of all if your looking for punk or Oi! look elsewhere. This is basicly facist rock n roll and as good as it might be it even made this hardboiled nonpolitical face blush a bit with the artcover. Thats basicly where they stop being extreme though. The lyrics are not really that in your face and even if they manage to slip in some political messages most that would have heard it without seing the cover would probably have put it straight into the Rock genre.
The band sound better then most of their counterparts even if the AC/DC influences gets a bit to obvious sometimes.

Dont even know if i am breaking some Swedish laws by posting this record (like you Yanks we dont have something called freedom of speech here) but what the hell.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Ask an honest question and you get a retarded answer, as we are talking Nazi 101 here. It goes like this:

    Karl Marx was a Jew. Karl Marx was the father of Communism, hence Communism is a Jew contraption which, of course, is to be used as a vehicle in their evil scheme for world domination, to enslave the Goyim (non-Jews) by robbing them of their wealth and national sovereignty, making them their slaves and placing the Jews as rulers of the world. The notion that Jews have been plotting since the dawn of time to control the world is one of the facets of "Zionism", although "Zionism" more accurately could be described as a sort of Jewish supremacy, in which the Jews see themselves as a master race and view all non-Jews as inferior animals, put on earth to do their bidding. Hence, Communism and Zionism go hand in hand, according to the people who believe this stuff. Now you know and, no, I'm not making this shit up--people really believe this stuff. Historically, Jews haven't exactly been saints, but the True Believers of this Zionist / Communist theory see them as the reason for everything that's wrong with the world--that's the core of what those die-hard, Neo-Nasty dudes are about.

    If you really want a gut full of where these guys are coming from, download down a .pdf of "Natures Eternal Religion" by Ben Klassen--it is one of the more extreme examples of this creed, although his tirade on Christianity (also a Jew Contraption to warp Whitey's brain) is absolutely hilarious.

  2. Love me a good conspiracy. Thanks Mr. Poopy i first thought you where preaching there for a while.

  3. This record was released after Brute Force brokeup and with out the band's permission by Texas Rich, a Nazi asshole "famous" for bootlegging Johnny Rebel on CD. The band had nothing to do with that pathetic cover-art. This isn't to say that the band didn't have some stupid right-wing lyrics and views, but they were just dumb teenagers at the time, and at least two of them are very far from those politics these days. Oh, and drummer Tony is dead.

    KingsCountyBootBoy (retired)

  4. I love the blog, by the way. Keep it up!

    KingsCountyBootBoy (retired)

  5. Thanks for the info KingsCounty. I guess it's called growing up.

  6. Indeed it is.

    The scene in New York City in the 1980's was a fricken strange one, let me tell ya! We had Puerto Ricans with Brutal Attack tattoos robbing kids for their Docs outside shows, Jews and latinos playing in "white pride" bands, NYHC shows happening in a fricken Nazi biker club (Animal Hall), tons of kids owning bootleg Skrewdriver shirts bought in stores run by Middle Easterners, and on and on and on. Go figger!!!!!

    KingsCountyBootBoy (retired)

  7. HAHA KingsCounty! I also recall one of the founders of NYC SHARP selling Skrewdriver records out of his apartment, and wearing Brutal Attack tshirts! And yes, he was Jewish haha!

  8. Puerto Ricans with Brutal Attack tattoos... Jorge M... Great shows at Animal Hall, saw YDL and Sick Society there and the Skrewdriver-loving head of NYC SHARP Bruce K. Not to forget that Lou of Brute Force was jewish as well.

    Great memories! I wish I was young again.

  9. NYC scene was strange in the 80's? You make it sound like there still isnt a ton of Latino and jewish kids running around with bonehead tattoos and RAC shirts. NYC will never change! Weirdest scene in the nation, best bands in the nation since day one, and all the skins get along pretty well for the most part.