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tisdag 15 mars 2011

Empire falls & Attack - System of charity 7'' (2009)

01. You don't stand a chance
02. System of charity
03. Coming home
Empire falls
01. Seekers of truth in an age of lies
02. Audience attacks
03. Dooms day
04. Revenge (Black flag cover)

Released by Load, aim & fire Records in 2009.

For some time now Empire falls have been leaning a bit to much on the fence and i guess this release can count as their quick leap to one side. Starting of as a straight edge HC band then turning into rightwinged punk and now sadly enough they do a split with one of the most extreme hatecore bands out there. I can easily say the "rumors" about Bryan getting it on with C18 is now out of the closet.
As hard as i listened though i cant say i found any racist lyrics on the record. Dont know if this is Attack trying to fitt in to the evergrowing new skinhead scene or if it's Empire falls new attempt to reach out to the hatecore scene after not really being welcomed with open arms in the nonpolitical scene.

As much as i love old British and German RAC and never judge a band by their politics i have always had a hard time with bands like Attack that to me represent most things wrong with the scene today. Even so i will try to be as objective as i can when reviewing the record. (No Attack will not be featured on the site other than this split with EF)

One positive thing with the release is the fact that you get a CD with the EP since most people today (including me) view vinyl more as a collectors item then a way to play music. Instead of pulling out my turntable and started ripping (i hate doing that) i simply just popped the cd in the computer and put away the vinyl in my evergrowing collection of dustcollectors. Great idea.

Attack starts of the split and all politics out of the way i have to be honest it's far from good. Sure they have some nice guitarparts but i cant understand the parts that are offbeat. Is it their sound or is the drummer just eating crack before recording? The song Comming home is ok if i have to pick one song.

Empire falls sound as they often do but the songs featured on this split are surprisingly weak in my oppinion. Their first song is actually really good though but i cant shake the feeling that i have heard this song before. Maybe it's influenced by some old song that my everfading braincapacity has pushed back into the clouds of history or can it be that they havnt really evolved much in the last years? You be the judge.

All in all its a flawed release and i really hope that EF could go back to making splits with bands like Antagonizers and leave this whole C18 crap out of their musical studio. Well guess its a freedom of speech and i leave it up to you people to like or dislike.

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