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tisdag 29 mars 2011

Blood stained brindle - Let's get back to work EP (2009)

01. N.A.F.T.A.
02. Blood stained brindle
03. Downbeat the ruler
04. Flip the switch
05. Let's get back to work
06. Soundbyte culture

Released by Teenage Heart Records as an online EP in 2009.

A band from Boston that has been around for some time but never released anything until now. Paul Rosso from The pinkerton thugs used to be a member at one point and it also features members from Tommy & The terrors. They draw heavy influences from old British Oi! but also from modern American streetpunk. They sound somewhat like a mixture between Cock sparrer and Flatfoot 56. Since im not a big fan of any of those two bands i was suprised about how much i actually liked this band.

They start the Ep of with a song about the North American Free Trade Agreement or more commonly known as The Downfall Of The Working Man. I knwo what you might be thinking now. A band that used to have Anarchist Paul Rosso as a member and does songs about nafta but don't worry "the reds" get as much of a beatin as the whitecollars do on this EP. My favourite songs on the EP is Downbeat the ruler that has both an accordion and what i think is a violin. The other one is the superb song Let's get back to work that has a really good chorus and reminds me about Cock sparrer when they actually did good music.
I look forward to hearing more from this band.

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