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lördag 12 mars 2011

Warzone - The sound of revolution (1996)

01. S.O.S.
02. United worldwide
03. At war with reality
04. Murdertown
05. Throw me a line
06. Countdown
07. Sound of revolution
08. The snake and the lion
09. Free at last
10. We won't forget
11. Warzone

Released by Victory Records in 1996.

Their first real record with new material since 1990 and even if this album stayed a but to long on the mastering table it's far from the overproduced bullshit that was featured on their selftitled album. This is a band that sounds best when they play live and even if i am not a big fan of hardtohear HC the chants and backup vocals sounds a bit to perfect and digital on this record.

Anyway a good record that features one of their most famous songs and also my favourite by the band namely Sound of revolution. A great track that really sticks out from the other tracks by the band with its slower pace and bit more Oi! inspired melody.
Almost as good is the track War with reality that reminds me a lot more about Bad brains than Agnostic front (wich is a good thing).
A great album that would have been even better if they could have stayed away from perfecting the backup chants (they are meant to sound raw and unpolished thats what they are there for).
Record can be bought at:
Victory records
Crucial attack

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