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måndag 21 mars 2011

86'd - Don't fuck with the punx 7'' (2003)

01. Budweigle blues
02. 86'd
03. Void
04. Black label blackout

Released by Communichaos Media in 2003.

This is NOT the Oi! band 86'ed (what was exactly what i thought when i ordered the record). It's actually an all female fronted riot grrrrl punkband from NY. I am happy that i made this misstake though since this is not the band i would have bought a record from if i knew what it was but they are actually quite good. The fact that it was released by a Swedish label doesnt make it worse either. To be honest i dont know much about the band and i wont really put any effort into knowing more. Simply uploading this record for you readers since i couldnt find it anywhere else and it would otherwise have laid around collecting dust.

The girls play a typical pogopunk with some slower parts here and there. Where most femalefronted bands fall is the fact that girls have a tendensie to sound a bit retarded when doing punkvocals but this band is an exception. Zero as she is called does the job perfect and avoids the higher tones that kills most songs by bands such as Ny Rel-X and the likes. Even if the artcover looks like it was made by a 13 year old girl who was in the makin of revolting against her parents (society) and is childish to say the least but it doesnt show of on their music.

It has two good songs. The fastpaced "crucified" song called 86'd and the slower song Void. Void is the one that kept me from sellin of the record (since it doesnt fit in with the rest of my collection) and it has some really simple yet good lyrics.
This band was a surprise and i think you all should give it a try.

5 kommentarer:

  1. They also had 2 songs "Swill Break" and "Fuck That" on the "Pogo Attack" comp. from 1996, other bands on this comp. were Wretched Ones, The Casualties, Banner Of Hope, Blanks 77 etc.

  2. Somehow i had missed that comp even if it did contain both BoH and wretched once. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I made a mistake, this comp. is actually from 1994 originally released on Pogo Punk Rec. in the U.S., but my copy is a German pressing on Nasty Vinyl records released in 1996

  4. hey could you add this to your re-up list thanks man