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lördag 21 maj 2011

Convicted - Best of the best EP (1999)

01. Last resort
02. Best of the best
03. XXX angel
04. Locked out
05. End construction

Self-released by the band in 1999.

Earlier this year Travis from American Defence sent me a demo with this band that completely blew me away. There was no info at all to be had about the band, not Travis or anyone i knew had ever heard of them before but i uploaded the demo anyway. Luckely a friend to the band Hank Saints saw it and helped me out with some info on the band (fun thing was even he didnt know that demo existed).
He sent me their other 3 releases and even if this one is the lesser of those three it's still a damn good album.

There is just something i like with their sound on the demo that reminded me about The unruly and 2 years later now they have changed their sound a bit but the gritty and grimey vocals are still there. To be honest i even think they had a bit of a RAC sound (just the sound not lyrically) on their demo but this time around they have softened it up a bit. If their first release hit you like a steamroller this one is more of a forklift. Not the same impact but it still leaves a plesant mark.
What i like most about the band is their nonstop energy in the songs and the way their drummer ads a sort of seigedrum feeling to the songs.

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