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onsdag 4 maj 2011

Almighty lumberjacks of death - Complete collection (2005) + some more tracks

01. Soul of the storm
02. Staredown
03. Never never
04. Where are we now?
05. In the wind (Circus of power cover)
06. Almighty lumberjacks of death
07. Devil girl
08. Drink beer
09. Voices of the dead
10. Motor City trick or treat
11. Gangland
12. Working class kids
13. $100 sneeze
14. Chapter 1
15. Almighty lumberslut
16. Wake up and smell the pussy

Bonus songs that i added:
01. Legazy
02. This is the west side (live)
03. $100 sneeze (live)
04. End of the line (live)
05. Pitiful you (live)
06. Too late (live)
07. Mommy's just a whore (live)
08. The old mans nuts (live)

Released by Disconnected Records in 2005.

A great collection of songs in various production quality but all in all it is good, even the live songs. This collection contained both their cassettes and a whole lot of other songs but i had some other tracks i would like to throw in there (though these are not featured on the CD so dont get dissapointed if you go out and buy it after downloading it here).
Personal favourite's are Soul of the storm, In the wind, Working class kids and This is the west side.

Dont really have time to write a lot and instead i will just let you download this little piece of history and make up your own mind about the band.
This record is still available for purchase from Disconnected Records homepage.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great band and great album, and especially thanks a lot for the bonus song stuff, great!!! (The album I already have for quite a while now, but the bonus songs I didn't know until the current day.) Where the hell did you get this songs from?!? Good job, thumbs up!!!

  2. Hey Andy why cant i comment on your site. It says something about coockies and all that crap. I can comment on all other sites except yours.

  3. Hi Bernando, thankfully a free and unwatched CPU down here at work;-). THANKS for the information, don't know what there was or is the problem but maybe this says it all why there are only so few posts up on my side... I think I've fixed it (I hope so), so let me know if the problems still remain. Okay, back to work, because we won't forget the "TIME CLOCK BULLY ALWAY ON MY BACK";-). Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!