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tisdag 17 maj 2011

Rogues - March of the damned CD (1996)

01. Christian warrior
02. Burning rage
03. Belly up to the pub
04. Resistance and revenge
05. Degenerate
06. In the midst of prophecy
07. Billy bones
08. Slaviska
09. Dead end
10. Wierd ciggars
11. Jockey boys
12. Cowards in the crowd
13. Belgian ale

A wierd album that doesnt really sound like their earlier ones. With this said it isnt bad in any way (well except maybe the few wierd songs like Christian warrior).

This was their last album and it sounds more like their brotherband Rival now. The first song on the record is called Christian warrior and confuced me a bit the first time i heard it. It is a militant religeous song with lyrics about tv preaching the gospel of satan and talks about how hard it is to be a christian in modern USA. I am myself an atheist but i always respect peoples choice in religon (as i do when it comes to politics) no matter if its Budha, Christ, Oden or Hare krishna but this song is just stupid. I cant really see the connection between a big fuck you attitude of punkrock and the tucked in shirt christianity that Rogues preach in this song.
Being religous has many sides and values that can be applauded but preachin the same "conform or die" as most muslums preach dont buy the album any points on my scorecard.

Witht he worst song cleared the good ones start to appear like Burning rage, Resistance and revenge, In the midst of prophecy and Dead end. The last one there reminded me about how they used to sound on their earlier albums and i can easily say its my favourite track on the album.

The band died out a year later but even if they never got the fame they deserved they somehow keep poppin up here and there as a nostalgic band. For instans they got 7 of their songs from their first release reprinted a couple of years back and they where also featured with a song on the skater Rob Dyrdeks show on MTV (funny that he was into them).

5 kommentarer:

  1. It's totally possible to keep a punk rock attitude and combine it with Christian faith, if you ask me.

  2. For some reason I thought this was their second one, but it's fitting that it's their last.

  3. Poopy: As i said before dont take my dates as facts since my copies have no releasedate on them. But to my belief this is the correct years.

    Herrens hammare: Absolut. But their "with us/against us" attitude is more what i find wierd. WHat you say is true though. I know for a fact some of my favourite bands have strict believers in them, they just dont go around judging people like this band does.

  4. I totally respect the belief or unbelief of my neighbour, so I'm not gnna start a big theology debate here, just say that your views on religion are very good and it speaks of your chracter. God bless you!

  5. Okay, even this is truly their weakest album but it's still a fucking outstanding record, back then and still today. And so, yes, damn it, THANX a lot for paying tribute to this awesome and stand-alone band. I love especially the amazing guitar work that marks the songs of this band so strong. What is funny is that most of the current bands of today out there around sound like shit compared with such a 'ancient' band like the ROGUES, speaks not for the subcultural music scene(s) of today (if you ask me) if they fail in huge, huge numbers to keep up to the great ones of old and can't even manage to walk the path that was founded before them by the 'old ones'. I love this band!!! Oi!, Streetpunk, Streetrock, maybe R.A.C., damn it, what the fuck ever, this is outshining stuff!!! THANX A LOT!!!
    PS: I'm a Buddhist (but I totally dislike the stupid fuck of the Dalai Lama, don't get anything wrong) but to me it's not important what religion someone else practises or what belive someone else holds dear to the heart and soul and this whole discussion of 'Punkrock & Believe' or 'Punkrock vs. Believe' is ridiculous (especially over here in Germoney where anyhow religious Punk and Hardcore bands are usually treated like the scum of the earth by the 'mainstream' PC Punkrock etc. pp. scene), and even the mentioned ROGUES song truly sucks (what stupid piss, haha, but was good for some laughs) it was nice to read the last comments up here about this topic and it's good and healthy to see that there are still some 'correct' ;-) guys around... even it are maybe only you two writing here, haha;-)...