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fredag 5 mars 2010

Kevin "Oxblood" Geddes R.I.P.

It is now official Kevin Geddes the guitarist/drummer for Oxblood is passed away this monday 2010/03/01. He died from heart problems only 5 days from celebrating his 31 year birthday.
To young and to talented my thoughts go out to his friends and family.
If you live in US his wake will be on Tuesday March 9th. Tilghman Funeral Home, 38 north forklanding rd., Maple Shade, NJ 08052.

Kevin Geddes 3/6/79 - 3/1/10

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  2. TC you dirty scum, learn to spell right. This is Dave from Oxblood, none of that stuff happened.

  3. I have deleted a message added by an anonymous writer since i dont see it fit to slander and talk shit about other people when someone close to them has died. If he really died off a drugoverdose (wish i find it hard to believe) it was his choice and nobody else is to blame. If you are going to throw around rumours and accusations then atleast leave your name so they can reply. Dont be a fucking coward and learn to show respect for the dead.
    If someone out there knows who wrote this message then please mail me and i am sure i will make a mental note of him.

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  5. I had the pleasure of knowing Kev. We hung out many nights at my friends pad drinking beers and listening to records. He was a great guy. Oxblood has to be one of my favorite Oi! acts, even before I actually met Kev.