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torsdag 11 mars 2010

Brassic playing Disorderly conduct (live)

A live performance by Brassic from their tour down to southern America. This one is from Brazil and the song is a cover of the old Arresting officers track. Fun thing that a band that has a hard time getting gigs at home cause they are "to proud" doesnt seem to have a problem getting gigs in southern/central America. Maybe a small indication that the US scene is going to the same PC-shithole as a lot of other countrys has lately. Big up to all skins in Brazil and shame shame to the west-coast (pointing finger in disapproval).

There has been some talk of lately that there will be a small dedication album to Arresting officers with some of todays top bands doing covers of their songs. Lets hope for it to happen and lets hope it turns out better then previous attempts.

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