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måndag 12 augusti 2013

Down for life - Demo (2012)

01. Unemployed
02. Chin up
03. Down for life
04. Liberty or death
05. My friend, my brother
06. Plight to the working man

New Oi! band from California consisting of Jordan on vocals, Dylan and Devin on guitars, Michael on bass and Tony on drums. Even though the bandname might give the impression of a half-assed NYHC band dressing in flatscreen caps and kneehigh white socks make no no mistake this is a straight up skinhead band. Sure it might be spiced with some HC-influences but the song Down for life says it all with lyrics like "Here to stay we are down for life we live this everyday/In this for the long haul skinheads rule ok!". The band sounds great so i hope they live by their lyrics and keep away from "sceneskippin" like many other do these days (we all remember Arne of RWnB with his lyrics about never changing just to go alternative christian rock some years on).
The previously mentioned track is probably the best one but be sure not to miss the veteran-tribute called Liberty or death that has a nice Battalion 86 feeling to it.

Great guitars, awesome singer and an allthrough solid demo.

Liberty or death

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