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tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Better Dead Than Red - Best of CD (2010)

01. Commie killer (new version)
02. Punk rocker fantasy (new version)
03. On the front line (new version)
04. Battle call (new version)
05. A better land (new version)
06. You are not forgotten (new version)
07. Into glory they ride (new version)
08. Our land, not your land (new version)
09. Only the strong survive (new version)
10. Forever your honor is true (new version)
11. Carolina (new version)
12. We're back
13. We aint no feel good band
14. Cant believe
15. Sword of the west
16. Ultra terror (new version)
17. Marx was wrong (demo version)
18. American radio (demo version)
19. Lionhearts (demo version)
20. RAC warrior (new vocals)
21. Smash the reds
22. For those who fight and die (new vocals)
23. Carry your banners (new vocals)
24. Wrong or right (new vocals)

Released by Wolf Pact in 2010

Since Empire falls and Antiseen keeps spittin out "Greatest hits" albums like they where diarrhea after taco-day then why shouldnt their side-project BDTR do it. I hate these sort of albums since it 's nothing but a bloody cash-in from the band. I know one can choose to buy them or not but as a collector i always want that "featuring new track" so i always end up buying them anyway. Now i have a special section for them in my bookcase so i can give them the evil eye everytime i pass it.

This record is a little bit different though and i must say it's one of the few Greatest Hits records that was actually woth the money, not so much because it's good but because the vast majority of the songs are new versions or rare demo-recordings.

As always when dealing with this band one can get quite fed up with the lyrics and their ongoing quest to be more and more non-PC and provocative. 95% of the lyrics are about commies in the gouvernment, commies in the scene or commies hating the band and how the band should go about exterminating them from the planet and thereby save humanity. Much like Harrington Saints tired lyrics about a socialist war i can see through the facade of these songs as well but unlike Harrington Sainst and other washed out candypunk bands BDTR delivers their childish lyrics with an attitude i love. It's brutal, hateful, violent and in your face from start to finish.

Good collection for collectors but i'd rather get a brand new record from the band.
Download (full coverscans included)

Our land, not your land

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