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torsdag 8 augusti 2013

The Outsiders - Don't thread on me 7'' (1999)

01. Don't thread on me
02. Crisis
03. What ever happened to the boys?
04. I wont be a soldier in your war (Frankies song)

Released by Haunted Town Records in 1999.

Legendary band from New Jersey that started out as a sideproject by members from Oi! Scouts, Squiggy and The Sick Boys. Even though the bands had their skinhead following the sound was a bit to punk and this was the members experiment of sort to create a more distinct skinhead Rock'n'Oi! sound. The band only released a split (which i uploaded 4 years ago and can be downloaded here) and this EP but recorded a ton of songs that never got a proper release other than being featured on various Squigtone compilations. This was until 2010 when Gabe re-formed Squigtone as Working Class Records and released a collection of all Outsiders tracks as the CD "From Liberty To Death".
A shortlived band that never got the respect they deserved.

Even though the band was created on the side of Squiggy i have always viewed this bands songs as Squiggy songs since the similarities are just to damn big to dismiss. I am thinking about songs like the opening track Don't thread on me that has that perfect and fast Squiggy feeling. A song that breaks away from the Squigmold is the last song (re-recording of the song Frankie) that turns it down a notch and delivers a more rock feeling that's not far away from the sound comming out of Texas today.

With album art like that, superb songs and the backprint "Not produced by Lars Frederikson" giving us a foreboding message of horrors to come for the American Oi! scene one can't do nothing more than to love this little gem of a record.
Album has been sold out for some time now.

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