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söndag 6 oktober 2013

Man's Ruin - St 7'' (1996)

01. Cider woman
02. Packed with a punch
03. I touch myself
04. Hard times

Released by GMM in 1996.

The first release by this female Oi! band that i never bothered uploading back when i did the discography since all the tracks where on their first full-length. Anyways here it is with all the sparkly vinylsounds i know you Oi!hipsters out there love.

Proper good first release by this band that is far from perfect in their sound but as far as femalefronted Oi! bands go they are surely in my top 10. Good selection of songs offer up a near to perfect A-side with my favourite song by the band "Cider woman" and the brutal "Packed with a punch". B-side is mediocre but not in any way bad.

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