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söndag 27 oktober 2013

New band: Burden

Out of the punk/oi! wastelands of Massachusetts comes a one man band on a one man war. Andrew Fletcher used to play in The Revilers until last year when he decided to go at it as a lonewolf. The sound is a slow and heavy sound not that far from acts like Templars and early 45 adapters. From what i hear he is set to release an EP later this year (or earlier next year) but untill then he is releasing his first Burden demo through the fifth issue of Neutral Accents fanzine which will be released next week. If you don't like the whole paperthingy you can also pick it up at Rock'n'roll Digrace sometime next month (limited to 100 copies all-in-all).
Good band, good sound.

3 kommentarer:

  1. seems that ist sold out on the neutral accents page and rocknroll disgrace didnt even menton it...

    1. Thats the info i got from Andrew himself so it should be correct.

  2. The rest of the tapes were sold through RNR Disgrace with the Battle Ruins/Vanity/Burden tape bundle. Painkiller records might have a few copies left.