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söndag 27 oktober 2013

Music video and new CD from Trouble bound

One of few US streetOi! bands (if thats a genre) that i really like i was happy to hear that Trouble bound had released a new CD some months ago called Unfinished Business. Right now its not available through any distros but the band is selling them on their shows and some local record shops. The band has also released a video for one of the songs (old song re-recorded) and are set to star in some underground drama bullshit called Misery Loves Company. Since i'm more into movies featuring aliens with boobies raping midgets i will probably never watch it but if thats your thing then keep an eye out for the film as well.

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  1. Drew and Steve are two of the greatest and most sincerest of people in the NY/LI scene. Great guys and great band.