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torsdag 5 december 2013

V/A - Super yobs Vol.2 CD (1998)

01. LRF - To late to mend
02. Toughskins - England
03. Side Burns - Get away
04. Boot Party - Your fate
05. Roughtrade - Talk back
06. Templars - No rhymer, nor reason
07. The Hawks - All the way
08. Bovver Wonderland - Super Yob
09. Blade - sKKKrewed ravers
10. 90 proof - Homeward bound
11. Bad vultures - 77-82-93
12. The choice - In this together
13. Crickey Crew - For life
14. The authority - Smash it up
15. Pist'n'broke - Friday's children

Released by Vulture Rock in 1996 on LP and then re-issued on CD in 1998 (this version).

Volume one was a split with Templars and Red alert (uploaded here so search) but for this second volume the vulture set sail to the east and came ended up creating history at the same time. The Japan scene has always been superb but few really knew about it's existence until Vulture made it global with this record and the now legendary Werewolfen album (the record that opened up my eyes to Japans SSS/Oi! scene).

From start to finnish this record is well thought through and the bands are really handpicked to suit the over all sound. Some bands sound so simulair it's hard to pick them apart if it wasnt for the broken engrish from some of the Japan bands. For instance Blade's song sKKKrewed Ravers almost identical to the sound Bovver Wonderland has on their LP called Born to booze. The release claims it's a sound called "Kick Rock" which is a new thing to me since i have always thought of it as Rock Oi!.

Most bands from both sides of the pond are probably well known by you all nowdays and to keep it short (i am home sick with a fever and all) i will pick out the favourite songs from both nations.
Best song from US is Boot Party's Your fate. A band that keeps it basic and brutal just the way i like it. Best Japan song is Bad Vultures song called 77-82-93, because of the bands engrish i don't have a clue what the song is about but i can imagine it's about punks and Oi!s various births and rebirths (just looking at the date's).

Anyway excellent release featuring excellent bands and to make it a "thing" i will try to upload 2 Japanese Oi!/SSS albums a day the comming week over at Fuck yeah.

Boot Party - Your fate

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