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onsdag 24 juli 2013

Battered citizens - Rolling witht he punches 7'' (1989)

Hardcore band from Pittsburgh consisting of a mixed breed of skinheads and skaters in their line-up. This band had a short appearans on the Pensylvania scene but did some shows with more notorious Oi! and Oi!-core bands of it's days. This was the bands only release as far as i know but the band re-united last year so perhaps there might be some new stuff comming out.
01. By all extremes
02. Bullies
03. Head games
04. Give it a rest
05. No way out
06. (hidden song)

Released by Overkill Records in 1989.

Even though the recordcover might give the impression that we are dealing with folks be "sippin on gin and juice" the music is straight up hardcore with some Oi!choruses and nice breaks.
I dislike 75% of all hardcore both old and new but this band has always been a band i enjoy just like most of Slapshots albums. Most of the songs are great dealing with being a social outcast and the usual anti-system lyrics most HC bands do but the ones that stick out the most are Bullies (dealing with that exact subject) and the last hidden song that might be short but damn sweet giving us a rhythmic acoustic rnr song with piano (pure awesome).

Bullies from their 2012 re-uninon show

4 kommentarer:

  1. "Bobcat" aka the "BasSpazz" is my boss. They're getting the demos released on vinyl in a couple months thru Mind Cure Records here in Pittsburgh.


    1. Haha awesome. Is he still in the line-up?

  2. All the dudes still live in Pittsburgh (Greg the drummer is actually painting with us this season). Bob has a HC band called "Cultivator", and a reggae band called "Man in the Street". Greg and Oyo have a band called "Killer of Sheep" who are awesome if you like fast 80's HC. I think all can be found on Youtube. Aaaaand Greg sometimes plays drums for the Traditionals and will also be on their newest LP coming out possibly by the end of this year. Whew!