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torsdag 4 juli 2013

National Pride Worldwide Vol.1 - American Pride CD (2013)

Bernando wishes a happy 4th of July with this comp made out of raw liberty, processed with freedom and painted in red white and blue. As always this bootleg is made without any interest of making money and is given away by me and me alone on the internet for free. No band has authorized me putting them on the comp and no fucks are given to any bands "artistic freedoms" being stamped on. This is punk not American Idol so man up or get out.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Boom! Was hoping there would be something special up for Independence Day. Thanks for putting this together. Gonna play this shit at the BBQ!

  2. Hey mate!

    Some time ago you reuploaded The System with songs from 29 commandments of Oi. Would it be possible to upload the whole record (maybe on Fuck Yeah blog)? I want it mainly because of UK punk band Distortion. They have songs there that are not on any of their records.

    Martin from Bratislava, Slovakia

    1. Sorry don't have the whole record anymore (aint got a clue as to where the hell it wnet).
      Try checking soulseek or other filesharing platforms.