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torsdag 27 juni 2013

V/A - Backstreet Yobs CD (2010)

01. Rust - Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock 'n' Roll (Australia)
02. Blue collar criminals - Backstabbed
03. Stranglehold - Fight to survive (Australia)
04. Beerocephals - Pirat (Russia)
05. The hoist - Ownhand (Finland)
06. Open finger is broken finger - Love, jealosy and hate (Finland)
07. Blue collar criminals - Used to love her
08. The pauki - Who said she should quit (Russia)
09. Those unruly - Adrenaline
10. Rust - Urban legends (Australia)
11. Beerocephals - Bodrie Kolesa (Russia)
12. Those unruly - Skinhead rock'n'roll
13. Open finger is broken finger - Friday night (Finland)
14. The pauki - Enter (Russia)
15. The hoist - I think this is the time (Finland)
16. Stranglehold - Never hold me back (Australia)

Released by H8-Piece Records in 2010.

A co-production inbetween 4 record companies from around the globe all offering various sounds of various qualities.

So lets start witht he proper good stuff, namely the Australian Oi! scene here in the form of Stranglehold and Rust. Two bands that are far from your average Aussie sounding Oi! and to be quite honest when i think Australia+Skinhead i often think about their early RAC scene (White Noise, White Lighning and Fortress).
Stranglehold was a completly new experience for me and a pleasant such proving yet again that females can do good and melodic Oi! without sounding like shit. Lisa's vocals are perfect and fit the streetpunk hybrid perfectly. Two excellent songs.
Rust's members are old in the scene but the band as such was basicly new at the time of this release (i think they released their first album in 2009). Even though a young band they sound damn tight together and their opening song for this comp is one of the best out of Australia in some time. Both songs they provide are old but probably the best from their early works.

Then the not so good stuff, namely the Russian Oi! scene (or at least the bands representing it here). First out is Beerocephals. A band that wears make-up and dresses like clowns. No i don't mean they dress in "bright clothing" or mix and match into madness, they actually dress like fucking clowns. They also incorporate accordions in their songs which i guess can be intresting but they sound like proper garbage. By far the band on the record.
Second Russian band is The Pauki. A band that is ok but thanks to their bad selection of songs for the comp they just blend away into the Russian shitstream that Beerocephals opened up.

America gives us two bands that most seem to either hate or love. I never had an issue with Blue Collar Criminals other than their vocalists ability to sound somewhat retarded after a while. Both songs are unreleased by the band other than on this comp but only "Used to love her" makes their appearance on the comp memorable.
Those Unruly is a pretty unknown band even in the US and their place on the comp is interesting to say the least (i seem to recall the band charing at least one member with BCC though). Unknown or not they have picked out two of the best songs from their otherwise quite mediocre 2009 album (especially the song Skinhead Rock'n'Roll). Havnt heard them before? Be sure to check them out.

Finland might be one of the smallest countries based on population but when it comes to punk and now lately Oi! they sure know how to make themselfs heard around the world. The bands appearing on the record might not be my favourite bands from my neighboring nation but they stand tall nevertheless. The Hoist makes "soft-oi" and do it well especially on their song "Ownhand".
Open finger is broken finger comes out on top as the "band with the wierdest name" even though they share the comp with no less than two Russian bands. As much of an accomplishment as this might be their music don't really speak to me for some reason.

Not the greatest compilation but still interesting because of their wierd choice of bands and the fact that BCC has two unreleased songs on it.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Those Unruly did NOT go on to form BCC, unless by "BCC" you mean the "Bexar County Casuals", a supporters group for the San Antonio Scorpions.

  2. modern Beerocephals are pretty shit, true.
    but in early 90's they played awesome thrashy hardcore.
    same situation with Pauki - time are going an The Pauki became more and more shit than they were in 90's - funny and fast punk with fleute, some psycho touches and stuff, kinda pirate punk.

    todays Pauki totally suscks.

  3. Other than playing a Punk/Oi Fest in San Antonio together. BCC and Those Unruly are completely unrelated. BCC is from Tucson, AZ and Those Unruly are from San Antonio, TX. Just wanted to make that clear.
    Mike H8-Piece