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måndag 10 juni 2013

CL1 & First Offense - This is rust belt street punk CD (2010)

01. CL1 - L.A.C.
02. CL1 - Katey
03. CL1 - No piece of mind
04. CL1 - Drinking class heroes
05. CL1 - Standing strong
06. First Offense - The Opening Bell
07. First Offense - The Final Call
08. First Offense - Rats In The City
09. First Offense - 27 Kisses
10. First Offense - The Worst Revenge

Released by Dim Records in 2010.

A record like this wakes me up to the fact that we all live in so different worlds from one man to another. In my world street punk can be used in the sentence "Nevermind that band they are on some candycoated street punk bullshit these days" or "Posing on their band picture with baseball bats like some retarded street punk band". This is all natural for me but at the same time around the bible belt in the US bands call themselfs that same thing and even plaster it on their records. This is scary since i don't even think the word "street punk" should exists because most of the street punk bands are the least street out of all the punk genres today. Whats even more scary is that i have come to enjoy some of these bands lately. Bands like Pistol Grip make some awesome music and Noi!se is a perfect example of Oi! and Streetpunk mixed into a functional crossbreed. Sadly enough both of these bands on the record are far from my favourite in the genre.

CL1 offers nothing new on the record and has simply taken songs from earlier releases (all available for download on this site). Even though their old it's a nice selection of their better songs (Drinking class heroes, L.A.C.) and represent the better half of this record.

First offense is a band that i must have some sort of sadistic relationship to since i have bought every single release by them but only like about 10% of their songs. Hell i even have the first printed copy of their first printed release with a handnumbred "1 out of 100" in the sleeve. If the band ever release anything else in the future i will probably buy it day one and hate it just like the rest of their stuff, it's wierd but can't be helped.

An ok band offering old songs and a mediocre band offering shitty songs don't really make a good record in my book.

1 kommentar:

  1. I got this at random when there was someone selling this on eBay new for like €2. I actually liked it.

    One of those short albums that are good for a quick blast, I thought. I liked First Offense here (never heard any of their other stuff) - 'The Worst Revenge' is class.