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måndag 17 juni 2013

Slow period comming but.....

Can't really gather the strength needed to do some big band discography and to be honest i have been a bit feed up with US Oi! the last month. Will do some posts here and there but won't bring the site back in full force until after this summer. Though i still need stuff to do while my wife watches TV so be sure to check out my other site Fuck Yeah!! where i will be extra active during this summer (and have been the last week). As usual any requests for that site of any genre can be emailed to me and i will see if i have it.

Enjoy the summer kids.

2 kommentarer:

  1. No. Keep it up. I know very few respectable Oi! fanatics that do not rely on your help to some degree. I encourage you to push on. U.S. Of Oi! matters.

    Timmy Jak

    1. No way stoping the posts here. Just damn nice weather and all so i don't wanna sit at the computer for to long.
      I will post an interview and demo the comming week though. Just saying i wont post like 4 times a week like normal.
      Thanks for the support.