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torsdag 6 juni 2013

Never wrong - Demo (2013)

A new band out of Richmond, Virginia that has been around since early 2012. The band consists of (from left to right) Sam on drums, Ian on guitar, Sparks on vocals and Matt on bass. Much like the bands on the East Coast they are trying to revive the 90's US oi! sound after way to many mods and streetpunk influenced bands of late. So far they have done some shows around their local area and recorded a couple of demo-songs. A bunch of these songs will be released later this year as the band plans to release their first EP. Facebook
01. Can't tell me shit
02. RCS
03. Spirit of rebellion
04. Our city

Thanks to the band for sending me the link to this demo and most of all for giving it away for free online. Much respect.

It's always nice to hear oldschool Oi! and i must really give it to the abnd for nailing the sound of early 00's late 90's on these tracks. Off course this is both for good and bad since some of the lyrics can sound abit cliche after listening to simulair lyrics most of our lifes. I am especially thinking about the song Spirit of rebellion that sound a bit pubic at certain parts when the band tells the listeners how much they enjoy drinking beer. This never become annoying though and to older fucks like me it's even a bit charming, something the band might have had intended when creating it.

The rest of the songs are great though and i don't know in what stage these particulair songs are in the studio-stages but they all sound decent enough to get a proper release anytime soon. Best song in the bunch is the opening track called Can't tell me shit that has a bit of HC going on in the song without becomming annoying or lose it's Oi! sound. The band also references 3 of my favourite bands as their inspirations (Légitime Violence, Offensive Weapon and Condemned 84) which makes me even more eager to hear what they might record next.

A.C.A.B. (not on the demo)

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