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måndag 24 juni 2013

Sad but fun...

It's probably more desperate and tragic than fun but i noticed it when i was visiting a bands facebook profile. The band had no "likes" on any of their posts except for the fact that they had "liked" all of their own posts. How in the world is this not the sadest thing ever. It's like me recording a song playing it for my friends, my friends leave the room without saying a word and there i am all alone giving myself a high five. Sad.

...oh and don't get me started on this whole Skinflint VS Broken Heroes drama. "Non-political" band vs "non-political" label arguing about politics. One side is lying while the other one is naming names and pointing fingers all cheered by their newfound witchfinder friends in the UK. If the argument wasnt about politics then don't drag politics into the argument to capitalise on the newfound PC-cancer sweaping the worldwide scene. Where has the world gone to.... http://skinheads.net/community/threads/the-skinflint-saga-continues.12084/

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