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tisdag 4 juni 2013

Stamford Bridge & On The Job - Split 7'' (2010)

01. Stamford bridge - For a while
02. Stamford bridge - If only
03. On The Job - 1680
04. On The Job -  Constable Henry

Released by Longshot Records in 2010.

Carl's second release in his solo-project (even though Phil is still on drums) and this time around with what at least i consider one of Swedens most over appretiated bands On The Job. Maybe it's because i am Swedish and the band is less "exotic" for me but i just can't find much positive to say about their records and to me the only thing that stands out is their more than annoying singer that seem to overcompensate his lack of vocals with grunting. BUT! As much as i dislike the band their tribute song to their hometown Karlskrona is fucking brilliant and sports a more Perkele sound than their mediocre sound they surround themselfs with otherwise. Nice lyrics, a super chorus and ten times better than Bastards Chorus contribution on SB's previous record. Maybe i really need to give this bands other records a second chance......

Stamford bridge serves up two great modsy-hippieglamrock songs with a quality that i as a diehard have started to expect from Carl. Both songs are superb but if i have to pick favourites it has to be the song If Only where Carl shares vocal duty with some girl named Mary Shakes. Anyone know who she is? She sounds awesome and if there is anything else with her i would love to hear it.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Mary Shakes is the babyshakes singer. A nyc pop powerpop punkish band

  2. It's my understanding, and it has been a long time since I heard this, so don't hold me to this but these were actually the original early songs that he recorded (even though this is their 2nd release) with his girlfriend mary (maybe she was an ex at the time) anyway she is a member of the band "Baby Shakes" from NY, that much is 100% correct. http://www.myspace.com/babyshakes#!


  3. Have you heard that compilation "United We Stand"? There is a "new" song by the Stamford Bridge, and I think is the same girl that sings it

    1. Yeah just recieved it like a week ago. Havnt had the time to give it a proper listen yet though.