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torsdag 18 juli 2013

Wellington Arms - Stahlhelme Demo CD (2013)

01. Living in Amerika
02. Today Chicago, tomorrow the world
03. Boredoms a drag
04. I can't take anymore
05. Valencia
06. I hear the lions roar

Thanks to the band for sending it in.

I will post the interview i did with the band tomorrow untill then enjoy this demo.

This is in no way a showcase of the bands latest material but more of an updated version of their old songs with one exception, Today Chicago tomorrow the world. This song is far from new for us that have been able to partace in the bands unreleased songs through the years but to my knowledge it has never been pressed before. As good of a song it is i must admit i liked the older and "uncensored" version better but i guess even though in it's purest form it is a Ramones cover it might have been a bit to rough for most folks to enjoy.

The band kicks the same great sound as before even though this update is a bit of in the sound-quality but thats a shame that in no way should be taken by the band but more the person recording the songs.

As always nice to hear new material from the old Brew and Honor folks. Check back tomorrow for the interview.

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