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lördag 23 november 2013

The Broadsiders - Live at The Liquid Lounge (2011)

01. Defense of Cales
02. Castle Law
03. Big Boy
04. The Good Men Do
05. Modern Times
06. Southern Identity
07. Downtown
08. Old Country
09. 1836
10. Lion's Den
11. Mid-City Martyrs
12. We've Got the Cannon
13. Booze, Sex, and Breakin' Necks

Released for free by the band in 2011.

Thanks to Jay IRC for sending it and the band for giving the thumbs up for upload (even though i forgot to upload it).

Recorded at a gig in Dallas and unlike the last record i uploaded this is a proper bootleg doing what bootleg's should do. Giving free stuff to the masses without profit.

The Broadsiders has been known for making some sick liveshows and what better way is there than to actually record one and pass it out to those who couldnt be there. Not much for liverecords and the band DOES sound better in studio butas far as recorded shows goes this is one of the best that i have heard. Their guitarist is nothing but sick (for Oi!) and his southern rock roots go buckwild on some songs like Lion's Den Modern Times with high pitched guitars doin that "Lynyrd Skynyrd thingy". A nice addition to their discography and gets even better since they unlike most other bands dont charge folks for their liverecordings.

The good men do (Liquid Lounge 2011)

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