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lördag 14 november 2009

Nuts & bolts - Nuts and bolts (2004)

01. Solitude
02. Corruption
03. Honor bound
04. Destiny
05. Big boy barbeque
06. Dawn of the snake
07. Down and out
08. Government gangster
09. What i am
10. Happy without pills (+ hidden track)

Released by Funeral records in 2004.

A band from Oakland in California. They claim to be the only skinhead Oi! band in the entire Oakland area and i guess we just have to believe them by their words.
The band consists off Jagger on vocals, Diogo on guitar, Justin on bass and Nick on drums.
They draw influences from english Oi! but also from early hardcore and thats where my problem with these guys come in. Here is another singer heavily influenced by hardcore and on most tracks its hard to hear what he is singing and if you would like to sing along it would mostly sound like " wuuuowiiiwuuuwööö" in the verses.
They where formed in 1999 and didnt release anything untill this record so the material is a bit off a dissapointment. I would have thought that 5 years off writing lyrics and practicing would have resulted in atleast a couple of punkhits but they are all abscent here.
2 good tracks in the bunch. Dawn of the snake and the skinhead anthem What i am (not in any way as good as the song off the same name by Skinflicks.

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