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söndag 1 november 2009

Sons of liberty - Border brawl (2002)

01. In memorium
02. Sons of liberty
03. Border brawl
04. Antietam
05. Roll call
06. Slum river (Arresting Officers cover)
07. We shall meet again
08. Palmetto
09. Minutemen
10. Dutys call
11. Black tuesday
12. Youre so dumb (Skrewdriver cover)

Released by Dim Records in 2002.

More lyrics about the civil war and more headaches from Lon's attempt to sing.
The selftitled track and Palmetto might be good tracks but on the rest its absolutely impossible to decifer what the hell he is trying to sing about.
This could surrely be a great album if they got a new vocalist.
This is a record i would rather just ignore and so should you.

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