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söndag 1 november 2009

Sons of liberty - We shall meet again 7'' (2001)

01. We shall meet again
02. December
03. The rogue's march
04. Dutys call

Released by Dim Records in 2001.

A philly based band formed in 2000 by Steve & Bob from Arresting officers and Limecell.
They took their bandname from a band off citizen soldiers fighting for liberty against the British army during the civil war. Basing a lot of their lyrics around the civil war and using coverart from the same war so you know what to expect from this band.
This is a band that i would like to worship but i never really got into thanks to their first singer Lon's voice. He uses that tired growl style when he sings that 95% fails to succed with.

Its nice to hear Steve and Bob play some more laidback riffs in mid-tempo after the speed-devil sound of Limecell. All lyrics on this album are great but thanks to Lon's voice its hard to hear them. I have all lyrics from the album in the download so check them out.

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