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söndag 15 november 2009

Nuts & bolts - We dont wanna wake up (2007)

01. I believe
02. This is hell
03. Beauty sleep
04. Young reckless, responsibly insane
05. Better days
06. This game called life
07. Cocodrine catastrophe
08. 78-94
09. The whites of your lies
10. Nuts & bolts
11. Never forget
12. The reducer
13. Another day in paradise

Released by Funeral records in 2007.

Latest release by this Oakland based group.
The sound is a bit more singalong this time. Good choruses and Jagger gets some help on most songs by backup vocals from the other members. Even if a lot of the tracks are pure garbage (Another day in paradise and This game called life) i think it has more all-around value then their self-titled album.
Cant help but singalong to the songs This is hell and Better days.
Group is still active so you will see me writing more about them in the future cause they are surely going in the right direction.

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