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fredag 4 september 2009

Kicker boys - The kicker boys (1988)

01. I dont scare
02. I hate you
03. Handgun
04. Disorderly
05. You gotta
06. Out from the underworld
07. Terminus wallus
08. Solo song
09. Sitar (I hate hippies)
10. Kicker bOis
11. Mike McArt
12. Hated & proud
13. Beer song
14. Ska boys

One of the best bands to emerge from the first American Oi! wave. Only released this LP but set the standard for other bands to follow. When most Oi! bands of the 80's in America came out from the HC-scene Kicker Boys just made their own sound. Probably because they emerged from down south Atlanta and didnt have the same outside influence like a band from NY would have.
The album doesnt have a single bad song on it. Clear and catchy lyrics (Hated and proud & Out from the underworld being the best).
Dont know where the hell they went after this release but whereever they are they should be proud of what they did to the culture.

3 kommentarer:

  1. The bass player hates and downs this LP. The other guys,I dunno. Looked like either a hippie or a yuppie last I heard.
    How 'bout a little Moonstomp?


  2. Can you reload please