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söndag 27 september 2009

Red, white & blue - Boots of pride CD (1999)

01. Oi! the intro
02. Oi! skinhead
03. You cant get us down (2404 cover)
04. Streets
05. Way of life
06. Boots of pride
07. Red, white and blue (original version)

A mini cd released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1999.

(Update 23 March 2012: Uploaded the album again.)

This is basicly their old Proud to be working class demo from 1997 but released under a different name and better quality.
More versatile lyrics on this one and Arne is on top for sure. Some of the best and most aggresive singing ever on any punk-record.
Best song is Red, white and blue which is one of my favourite tracks by any band.

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