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fredag 4 september 2009

Those unknown - Those unknown (1995)

01. No prevail
02. Bound for glory, headed for hell
03. In no time nor place
04. The power now
05. Cries of a nation
06. Go where the kids go
07. For all commons
08. Another face in the crowd
09. The answer
10. No rhyme, no reason
11. Weekend nights
12. Darker hours

(Updated 30 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

The band that influenced the majority of todays street punk. Bands like Dropkick murphy's, The Beltones & Ducky boys have all admitted that this album was the greatest influence of their sound today.
Originating out of the New Jersey punkscene in 1990 this was their first release. Contrary to many other Oi! bands Those Unknown got blamed for being communists, mainly because of Bill Owens columns in the magazine Maximum Rock 'n' Roll and their extreme socialist views in a land with a fear of anything red (unless its striped).
They stood out mostly because of the way Owens delivered the lyrics. Very few punk singers that can sing with the same emotionall and intense feeling and it feels like he means every single word.
Top songs are Darker hours, Bound for glory headed for hell & No prevail.
Even if their first album is lacking in recording quality its still way better then most new overproduced street punk.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Well If you fuck political corectness why do you post mostly RAC bands and not socialists? (Except apolitical bands.)

  2. There are tons of socialist bands on the site. You are writing in the comments section of one of those bands right now.........

  3. It'd be great if you could re-upload this album. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  4. Added it to the list. Will upload it again next month when i start blogging again.