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onsdag 2 september 2009

Combat ready - Combat ready...hates you (2002)

01. What i've become
02. Lone soldier
03. I lost my dreams
04. Half minute hero
05. The playground
06. Asskissers
07. They where btrayed
08. Nothing in common
09. Through the darkness
10. I stand opposed
11. Beer googles

The only release by this band was released by Vulture Rock in 2002.
Consisting of old members from Stormwatch & 2404.
If you liked Stormwatch it wont mean you will like this band. More Up-tempo streetpunk and not at all the same pissed of vocals even if Jeff is blessing the microphone again.
Not all bad, there is a few good tracks (Lone soldier & They where betrayed) but all in all Jeff sounds out off place. Maybe thats because i liked him more on the slower tracks of At war with peace.
Not much happening in the Delawar scene after this release but be sure to watch out for Jeffs new band Storm Officers (with Steve & Bobby B from Arresting Officers)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Storm Officers never happened as far as I know. As for Delaware Bands, Check out The Barons, Labor Day Saints, Busted Knuckles.

  2. Ok. Could have been good though